You did it, you found me on the internet!

Please enjoy this complimentary website, courtesy of me, Alex Kaminsky.

If you don't know me, my name is Alex Kaminsky and I'm a developer in Brooklyn with over 10 years of experience building cool stuff for the web. In my career I've worked at many places such as The Barbarian Group, HUGE, and Wieden and Kennedy; but currently I am Head of Creative Engineering at Reuters. At Reuters I both write code and manage the team that builds everything from,, and even some TV apps. I see my role as not just writing amazing software, but also creating a happy and productive culture. On occasion I've been known to speak at conferences and even win a few awards.

Some things I like working with:

  • React
  • Redux
  • Jest
  • Webpack
  • Node
  • Rails
  • Sketch
  • Prototypes
  • Web Video
  • Good people

Reuters for TV

Old Work

  • Project:
  • Year: 2016-Now
  • Tech: React, Redux, Node

I was hired as the first front-end engineer to work on Reuters TV. I built the entire site from scratch using React. Later as my engineering team grew, we added a custom state management layer built in Redux that would power regardless of platform. Reuters TV for web has won multiple awards and continues to be the vanguard of how video content can be delivered dynamically.

  • Project:
  • Year: 2017-Now
  • Tech: React, Redux, Node, Java, Swift

In 2017 I was brought on to help modernize, which has over 20 years of legacy architecture in place. We are currently accomplishing this task by breaking down the monolith piece by piece, by first starting with the article page, and moving on to others later. With the modern pages, we've created a completely new API driven system that uses the same templates and code to power both and the native Reuters apps.

  • Project: Reuters TV for TV
  • Year: 2017-Now
  • Tech: React, Redux, Brightscript

After launched, the next frontier for our product was naturally set top boxes. My team and I successfully built and launched apps to the Roku and Amazon Fire platforms using a shared UI with Apple TV. On top of this, we were able to build and leverage a common codebase with for all state management.

  • Project:
  • Year: 2015
  • Tech: React, Rails
  • Project:
  • Year: 2014
  • Tech: Ember
  • Project:
  • Year: 2013
  • Tech: Closure

Before Reuters I spent many years working both directly for companies and for creative / tech agencies. In these years I got to work on many different technologies, tech stacks, and projects which give me a huge breadth of experience when working with different stuff.